Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cerro La Vieja

Today, we went on a trek at Cerro La Vieja. For those of you who don't know Spanish, Cerro La Vieja literally translates to ¨Old Woman Mountain¨. Here, we did a 2.5 hour trek through the jungle. The trails were very rugged, and consisted of many steep up and downhill slopes, along with a couple river crossings. A lot times during this trek, there was a lot of garbage on the side of or directly on the path. We set a good example and we all helped pick up a lot of the garbage. Then, towards the end of the trek, we got to go to this part of the river that had a huge waterfall! There were spots on there where we could jump into the water too! That was really fun! For the final part of this journey, we went back to the main hotel that we did this through and we had a lunch there. The meal included selections such as rice, something that looked like calamari, many different types of fruits, and a desert of carrot cake or banana bread. During our lunch, we also watched the final game of the World Cup! For those of you who didn't get to catch the game, the final score was: The Netherlands - 0, Spain - 1! After all of this, we then drove back to Penonomé. Overall, it was fantastic day, and one that will definately be remembered!


  1. hey dan this is ur bro. sounds like a good day. :) how did u jump in the waterfall u didnt bring a swim suit did u. lol.missing u here i had a fun weekend wit jessica while every1 was gone. :). n also wat r some of the sites that u can dowload songs off cuz jessica wants 2 get some songs

  2. Yea, I actually do have a swimsuit with me because there are some days where we go to the beach and a pool too. The anwser to your 2nd question: you can download songs from sites like,, and