Sunday, July 18, 2010

Santa Clara Beach and the Cena de Despedida at Nutre Hogar

After the day with our families yesterday, we started off this day by going to the Santa Clara beach. The weather for doing that today was perfect! I don't think it even rained at all today! We had a lot of fun throwing a frisbee around, going into the ocean, and just relaxing! Then, we went back home to our families from 12-5. From there, all of us went to Nutre Hogar for the Cena de Despedida. The night there started off with a PowerPoint presentation of us with the kids at Nutre Hogar and with our families, followed by a DVD showing what the Panama Service Project is all about. Then, all of our host parents talked about what they liked most about us. From there, the final thing we did before the dinner was thank our families for having us. We had to do this on-the-fly, but we managed to do well. Finally, we had a dinner of rice and chicken, patacones, and potato salad. During this time, we also got some gifts, which included such things as T-shirts, hats, and many other things. Then, once that was all over, our families took us back to our houses. Because this is the last time I'll have access to the Internet, I'm also going to be telling you what we will be doing tomorrow. First, we will be going to Nutre Hogar from 8-10 to say good-bye to all of the kids and the people who work there. From there, we will then go to the Santa Clara beach to spend 2 hours there. We're also going to have a lunch there. Then, we will be going to Panama City to shop in a craft store. Later, we will have dinner, and then go to our hotel for the night. Then, on Tuesday, we have to wake up early to get our bags packed in the bus, have breakfast, and then be on our way to the airport. Thanks so much to all of you who have commented and looked at this blog, especially you, Mom. It's just so amazing how fast this trip went, and the fact that I can tell all of you what we have done on this amazing trip!

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