Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nutre Hogar and Centro Comunitario Copé de Olá

Nutre Hogar has been really fun for us. In terms of the weather today, it was nice in the morning, and then the rain hit us in the afternoon. Unfortunately, we weren't able to take the kids all the way outside, but they have an outdoor patio on which they could play on. It's not quite the same as being outside, but it's something for them. Then, after our morning of working at Nutre Hogar, we had about an hour and a half bus ride to what was supposed to be our visit to Centro Comunitario Copé de Olá. In order to get there, we had to go over a dirt road, which we couldn't do today, because the dirt road was virtually impassible because of all of the rain we got this afternoon. Once we got to that dirt road, we actually had to turn around and start dropping everyone off at their homes again! It would have been nice to actually see where these children of Nutre Hogar came from, but we weren't able to. We'll just have to visualize this. More updates to come tomorrow!

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