Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good News!

I have some great news to tell all of you! We finally got some nice weather! So today, we were able to take the kids outside to play. We had a lot of fun walking around with them, pushing them down the slide and swings, along with all of the other fun stuff that Nutre Hogar offers for them! Then, after Nutre Hogar, we went to visit some museums. First, we went to the Museo de Penonomé. There, we saw a lot of the history that made up the country of Panama. After that, we went to this one place that was about to become a museum. They only had a few paintings there, but, they had a lot of other things to offer. There was also an outdoor cafe, a soon-to-be ampetheater, as well as some houses close by. Hopefully this warm weather will continue, so we can do more fun outdoor activities here!

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